About Us

We provide broad assortment of Air cooler functioning on rule of heat. We provide complete variety of Air Cooler, Evaporative air cooler is made up of buff, motor, water heater and heat pad. In line with principle of functioning and sort of its usage air cooler, additionally, it called as Evaporative Portable Air Coolers, Industrial Cooler, swamp Cooler, Commercial coolers, Desert tidy and outside coolers. Coolers provided by us gets airflow of 6000 into 34000 cubic meter daily that could cover region in 700 Sq.. Ft. These magnets are normally utilize in public places such as airport, bus station, shopping mall, showroom, warehouse, and Outside tea/coffee home, faculty, super market, canteen, hospital & indoors Tents. We’re desert cooler expert. Evaporative air purifiers are low price cooling system which currently a day’s widely use in heated regions like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Qatar, Doha and other Middle Eastern Countries. As well as Two Phase Evaporative Cooler Manufacturers, we could provide you quite efficient cooling at very low price.

We’re air cooler provider in UAE for many sort of industrial mobile air cooler with the capability of 6000 into 34000 cubic meter per hour air circulation.
— Equipped with LCD control panel to establish timer & speed.

— Lack of Water LED sign on management panel.

— Center to join water heater straight into unit. Level switch supplied.

— Body of atmosphere cooler consisting of non corrosive top excellent plastic.

— Low usage of electricity with higher airflow.

— Low sound level.