Outdoor cooling

Outdoor cooling in DubaiOutdoor cooling in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Gulf region have consistently been a struggle. Along with the water evaporation /heat convection of mist, having Hydro high pressure misting systems with that cooling effect may cool the atmosphere up to 15 degrees (if air relative humidity is low). If the air humidity is in mid-range, You still could enjoy 5-10 degrees of cooler air.

It’s possible to use big size industrial mobile cooler units for air cooling or outdoor events, or you could pick a smaller portable misting fan that fits in the back of the vehicle for sporting occasions. “HydroCool.co” or “Climate+ Dubai” for example has an option for mobile outdoor cooling solutions like portable outdoor air coolers and misting fans.

Enjoy more comfortable patio in Dubai by getting an evaporative cooler, that utilizes water evaporation to keep your space cool. Some versions are for home and industrial usage, and also others for industrial purpose. Based on the magnitude of the outside area, you may decide on the ideal air cooler size to get.

For misting enthusiasts, the ideal solution a misting system or mist fans (or both together). A 30″ diameter outdoor mist cooling fan produces a concept setup for odor and dust control applications. For these specific applications, the Mist Fans previously been shown to be more helpful than traditional techniques like evaporative coolers, swamp coolers.

Using Evaporative air coolers as air purifiers are now among the options for most advanced and efficient cooling system for restaurant, restaurant, factory outlets,and a number of other sectors.it may be used for indoor and outdoor as well.


Last modified @ July, 08, 2018