Outdoor cooling rentals guide in Dubai

Most Common features of Outdoor Coolers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

In this report, we’ll explore the features and benefits of outdoor air coolers available in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Evaporative air coolers are among the most efficient outdoor cooling solutions for restaurants, security cabins, outdoor events, and more.

  • Powerful Airflow: These outdoor portable air coolers boast a robust motor capable of generating 8000 cubic meters per hour airflow.
  • Control Panel: The evaporative cooler is equipped with a control panel allowing users to adjust fan speed (low/medium/high) or turn the pump on/off. The panel also indicates low water levels in the tank, which has a capacity of 60 liters and can be filled manually or connected to a direct water source.
  • Cooling Pad: The cooling pad features a large surface area and is protected by a mesh grill, ensuring efficient cooling.
  • Principle of Operation: The primary principle behind air coolers is water evaporation, which removes heat from the surrounding environment, thereby cooling the air.
  • Negative Pressure System: The cooler operates on a negative pressure system created by the exhaust fan. Air passes through moist cooling pads while the pump continuously circulates water, facilitating the cooling process.
  • Energy Efficiency: These outdoor coolers are designed based on European high technology, emphasizing energy efficiency and environmental friendliness.
  • Water Level Indicator: The control panel features a water level indicator, ensuring automatic refilling when water levels are low and shutting off when they reach the recommended level.
  • Key Features:
    • Fresh evaporative cooling
    • High-capacity water tank for extended operation
    • Optimized air quality with quiet airflow
    • Wheels with brakes for easy mobility
    • Three-speed fan control (Low/Med/High)
    • Clear LCD panel with micro-computer programmed controller
    • Remote control convenience
    • Separate functions for cooling and humidifying
    • Desert Cooler Control Panel Operation:
      • Power on/off switch
      • Cool feature activation
      • Adjustable fan speed
      • Swing function
      • Timer setting for scheduled operation

By integrating these features, outdoor air coolers provide efficient cooling solutions for various outdoor settings, ensuring comfort and convenience even in humid climates.

It worth noting that evaporative coolers won’t help much in very humid weather. Portable AC renting might be the only way to go in most humid days in UAE.