Top 10 Evaporative Air Coolers

Top 10 Evaporative Air Coolers


As summer is already on our doors we need to find a way to keep ourselves cool and steady in a scorching heat. However not everyone can go forward and put a complete heavy unit of air conditioners as it, first makes things get cooler than we require and also cost heavy at our wallets. For such temperature evaporative air coolers work the best. It works just on the principle of a normal air cooler as the use of water into the vents and throwing cool air is achieved. In some cases, ice cubes can also be used if you’re looking for an ice chilled air thrown at you. But if you’re totally new for these, we would like to give a run down on the top 10 best evaporative air coolers that you must choose from.

  1. Hessaire MFC18000

With its typical air cooler, simple and sleek design, Hessaire MFC18000 gives you a very user-friendly product. The control panels on the cooler are also very easy to use with less complexity and are ideal for small spaces and even bigger halls. Another good quality of this cooler is that it’s quiet and doesn’t require permanent installation.

  1. Luma Comfort EC45S

  If you’re looking for something way sleek and that can fit almost anywhere then Luma Comfort’s EC45S can do the job, the tiny and easy to move piece comes with a very powerful air cooler alongside a humidifier and a tower fan with the energy consumption as low as a light bulb. Luma Comfort also comes with a remote control capability.

  1. SPT SF-609

Yet another lightweight, compact design and fully functional air cooler is here. SPT SF-609 gives you a flexibility of working as a humidifier or just a fan apart from cooling the air. The cooler sucks the air via a water-saturated wick and gives the best result in a quiet sound. The design is also forged in a way that it can be fixed anywhere.

  1. Hessaire MC37A

Hessaire came back again in the market by giving an air cooler that can be smaller in size but can also serve the same purpose as the one’s in bigger sizes do. It also features way more power than the normal one’s because it has got three cooling panels. Also the powerful vents throw the air in such a way that it can reach every corner of the room.

  1. Luma Comfort EC110S

Its Luma Comfort and Hessaire everywhere so far, Luma Comfort’s EC110S is definitely the most stylish cooler in the list. The design looks totally futuristic and it only covers a total area of 250 square feet. The design and the color make it one of a few air coolers that you can fit anywhere, no matter it’s a bedroom, a living room or an office.

  1. Portacool PAC2KCYC01

Portacool gives one of the best air coolers as this one known as PAC2KCYC01 can really chill you up by bringing the temperature as low as 30-degree Fahrenheit. Best thing about this cooler is that it requires as less maintenance as possible and is designed in a way that it requires a very less cleaning for its pads.

  1. Honeywell CL30XC

As we move towards our top 3, we must tell you that Honeywell is a name you’re going to see again and again as they without any doubt are the best in this business. The CL30XC by them is a remote controlled air cooler is a perfect choice if you live in a very hot climate and at a place where the humidity in the air is very low.

  1. Honeywell CS10XE

The CS10XE is another very efficient on energy and a powerful air throwing gadget. If you’re looking for an ideal size of a room to be cooled down, then this air cooler is going to do its job way better than any other. The oscillating louvers and four levels of fan speed distribute cool air evenly via the honeycomb mesh outlet. The dust filter takes care of cleansing the air.

  1. Honeywell CL201AE

Honeywell has tried their best to cover all best features that an air cooler should have, so the specialty CL201AE has is being able to perform the best by consuming as less energy as possible ranging from 220 watts to 230 watts. So this is a perfect cooling unit you should be going for if you need to save money on the energy bills.

  1. Honeywell CO60PM

Last but not least, on number one and on the top of the list comes CO60PM that is definitely among all of the coolers described earlier, the most powerful evaporative air cooler. The best part is you can use this big guy with windows and doors wide open and you will not require permanent installation.


Every single product mentioned above is on the basis of their star features and reviews from the current users. However, any of them can fit your need so when going to choose an evaporative air cooler you must be very careful and look if the one you’re buying fits your need and doesn’t exceed it. Go for the one that can fit in a nice place, looks good and saves the energy bills.