Top 10 evaporative coolers’ maintenance tips

Hello googlers, Today we have a bit different “top10”. These are some very useful tips about maintaining evaporative air coolers !.

So what are these?

Evaporative air coolers (or AC’s as many call in the Emirates) are special kind of cooling appliances, mostly used outdoors only, or in semi-open areas. They are called like this because they use water evaporation to cool the output air. Climate+ evaporative air cooler at a warehouse in Dubai

To keep the evaporative air cooler at best working condition, It need some routine maintenance.

And here we go with the most important things to check:

  1. Drain the water tank if not using the cooler.
  2. Move the air cooler before filling when possible.
  3. Keep air inlets sides clear from walls by a foot at least.
  4. Run the cooler fan only if humidity is more than 85%.
  5. Keep the power cord protected under some outdoor conduit.
  6. Keep the cooler shaded as possible to enhance performance.
  7. Clean the air inlet filters every couple of weeks.
  8. Clean the evaporative pads once or twice per year.
  9. Clean the water tank once per season.
  10. Replace the evaporative pads every 2-4 years.



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