Top 10 Split ACs

Top 10 Split Air Conditioners


Nothing can beat the heat like the air conditioner. When it gets way hot than you can all take, you’re all away of just a remote and a temperature setting for turning the room burning like hell into a one cold like heaven. There have been multiple companies that are competing with their cutting edge technologies to make an air conditioner that fits perfectly fine in your home and gives you the perfect deal. So here’s the list of the Top 10 split air conditioners that you must know about.

  1. Kenwood

Kenwood definitely manufactures one of the finest split air conditioners in the industry. E-inverter, E-sense and E-Viva series comprises of multiple split air conditioner models that definitely are going to make a difference to the environment of the room and the monthly energy expenses. The air conditioners are also present in variety of colors and shapes.

  1. Haier

Haier and Higher, that’s correct when it comes to the cooling capacity of their air conditioners. Their popular models like the HSU-18CKS, HSU-23CXAS3N-BNWA and HW-18CS03AH are what makes Haier one of the leading air conditioner manufacturing brand of the world. Their air conditioners have features like the Anti-bacterial, 3D cooling and the auto restart features.

  1. Hitachi

Hitachi has been known internationally for the manufacturing of their cooling units for a very long time now. The big name from Tokyo, Japan has been in the industry of appliances for a very long time and are known for generating quality products. Their Zunoh series with Kaze Neo and Kashikoi 400i are going to make, buying an AC, a good decision.

  1. Gree

With the perfectly carved Japanese parts added in its body and a strong design with multiple features. Gree is known for its durability and performance in the split air conditioner industry. They made a recent breakthrough with their Viola Series and are also producing multiple other units under the Eco inverter series.

  1. Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi is known, specifically in the air conditioning world, because of their sleek and small designed units. Mr. Slim was the split air conditioner that put them on the map. But that was for the use in home. They later introduced the inverter series that made a difference into larger sectors.


  1. Whirlpool

You might have heard their name when buying the washing machine but truly, Whirlpool came infront in no time to mark their name as one of the top sellers for split air conditioners. With their features like the turbo cooling their air conditioners target for the best performance in a good budget. FANTASIA INV and 3D COOL DLX III are the ones that puts it in our top 5.

  1. LG

Life is truly good if you have an LG split air conditioner at home, because they truly live upto their slogan. Their air conditioners are smart, beautifully designed, durable and user-friendly and that too in a very competitive price. LG has been around manufacturing and making difference with new range of air conditioners day after another.

  1. Daikin

Now this is the name you are going to find in most of the commercial sectors as Daikin is known generally for manufacturing heavy duty air conditioner units. However, they have also carefully tried their best to target the home sector as well by introducing range of air conditioners that are cheaper than the others. Daikin’s FTXR, FTXH, DTKM and the ATKM series is what you need to go for.

  1. Samsung

Samsung’s Note might blow up because of heat in the pocket but their air conditioners are always going to be there to get rid of that heat. They have been in the field of electrical appliances for as long as we can remember but the company has remarkably made progress in making smart and energy efficient air conditioners. Their AR-18HPSDDWK/SG, AS-18VWA and AS-18FAXUMG are definitely the best deal for your money.

  1. Voltas

Finally comes our number one, and number one for a reason. Voltas perhaps manufactures the cheapest units in the industry and in the price they give almost the same amount of features as other brands. They make all weather AC’s as well so their business runs over the year. Vertis and Star, are their leading series for the models.


No matter which split air conditioner you buy, each one of them is always going to be different from the other. Some have a good functional remote control; some have good cooling capacities. Some of the air conditioner units are easy when it comes to cleaning and maintenance while some have a better cooling and energy efficiency. However, whenever going out to buy a split air conditioner you must always look for what suits you right than the brand. As long as the air conditioner serves the purpose in the room size it is good to go. One must always buy an air conditioner that goes easy on the monthly energy bill because air conditioners are built in a way that they use more energy than other home appliances.