Top 10 Portable Air Conditioners

Top 10 Portable Air Conditioners


As summer is already here sometimes we might not be able to find a very cool and calming place and to make the place we sit worth staying in hot scorching days we need to have a gadget that can actually bring down the temperature. Thus comes in the need of the portable air conditioners that have just changed the whole concept of the air conditioning world. So here is the list of the carefully chosen top 10 portable air conditioners that you must choose from.

  1. Haier HPN12XCM

We will start our list with this portable mini coolant by Haier. Best part about HPN12XCM is that it requires very less maintenance cost and cools the room very quickly, the sound is nearly quiet and the temperature sensors integrated in it give the accurate temperature. It is also very easy to install and has a very curvatious pretty exterior design. However, it’s a little heavy and its fan is not automatic.

  1. LG Electronics LP1414GXR

On number 9 comes LG’s LP1414GXR, with a very beautiful design including an LED display. The front air discharge and the auto swings louvers that have a washable mesh filter make it very safe and easy to clean. It’s a very powerful air conditioner that cools the room accurately and the fan speed is very high but the materials used to build the body are not that much durable.

  1. Honeywell HL14CESWK

If you’re looking for a futuristic look and multipurpose portable air conditioner, then this definitely is going to be your choice. It has the ability to cool area up to a maximum of 550 square feet. With onboard soft touch controls it is designed in the sleekest manner. It is also easy to assemble and unpack because of such design and portability is endorsed as well. However, it gets a little loud of the full speed of the fan and is a bit heavy.

  1. LG Electronics LP0814WNR

This portable air conditioner can cool up to a 200 square feet wide room and has wheels on board so you can easily move it around the room with a very stylish and fully functional remote this is also a very good deal for money. This air conditioner is ideal for a small room and its stream of cold air is something you can’t leave un noticed. But as it reaches full potential of cooling it gets a little noisy.

  1. P12B ZoneAire Series

Another air conditioner that is built with the best parts in the market. It has a dual exhaust for easy cleaning setup and is totally portable. The material used is very solid so it’s one of the durable and sturdy portable air conditioners. It easily cools the entire room in no time and its air filters can also be cleaned easily. What makes this standout in most of the units is that it doesn’t require a drain.



  1. EdgeStar 12,000 BTU

One of few 2 in one air conditioners in this list that have the ability to both make the room cool as ice and hot as fire. It has an easy to access washable pre filter with a replaceable carbon filter. It’s one of few portable air conditioners that will save you a lot of energy and will serve the purpose twice. But its dehumidifier does not work without a condensation pump and the materials used are also not durable.

  1. EdgeStar Smallest Footprint

EdgeStar came back in the race of top 10 again with their Smallest Footprint. It is made up of 3 speed fans with directional air discharge lourvers. So far there haven’t been any bad feedbacks noted about this product so it is safe to say that it works perfectly fine and it also heats up the room in a very short period of time.

  1. Koldfront PAC1401W Ultracool

Ultracool gives an adjustable thermostat and caster wheels. It can help you cool an area of almost a size of 500 square feet and contains washable pre-filter. It also helps eliminating the bad odor and air pollutants. By having no setup issues and the detachable exhaust fan this is a perfect choice but the compressor has been observed to be not durable.

  1. EdgeStar Extreme Cool

EdgeStar’s Extreme Cool has a 49 inches’ vent hose, a window kit and a remote control with caster wheels it boasts its auto-drain system. It is definitely the most powerful air conditioner that has been discussed in this list and has a very nice airflow. The design is very smart and it comes in a very attractive silver color. The exhaust hose integrated in the body however, only lasts for one season.

  1. Shinco YPF1-12C

If you’re looking for the best reviewed and performing portable air conditioner, then Shinco’s YPF1-12C tops the list. It is the most powerful and cost affective cooling unit and that too in a very reasonable price. It comes with a programmable 24-hour cycle and nothing as a bad feedback has been reported so far. The cooling efficiency is also very good and the design makes it look like a portable air conditioner of the future.


Choosing a portable air conditioner can be tricky but it all depends on the need and different air conditioners have the ability to fulfil it. When choosing you must be careful about the energy usage and the performance of the unit also the noise. You must also consider the weight as the concept of the portable air conditioners is ease of access and easy positioning. But looking for the one that suits your wallet is also an important factor.