Top 10 Outdoor Heaters

Top 10 Patio Heaters


Lovely spring evenings won’t be completed until there’s a nice and quiet time being spent in the backyard. Just in case if you’re looking for some extra heat at that time and would like to add a perfect heating source that looks presentable and can also keep you snug, here is the list of the top ten patio heaters that should be under consideration and one of them definitely should be in your home to make it look stylish.

  1. Empire Patio Heater

All the way from Italy, perfectly made and carved in a strong, stylish, tall body. Empire’s patio heater is going to give you a perfect deal for your money with its performance in heating. It is definitely going to make everyone ask about it while passing by. Although it has been in Europe’s leading clubs but now it can be in your backyard as well.

  1. Ecosmart Mix Fire Bowl

Just in case you’re more like an eco-green person and don’t want to spread smoke around. This is definitely going to be the choice. These are the clean burning bowls of bioethanol that will help you keep any place warm and that too with no soot, no smoke and not even a single speck of ash.

  1. Basketweave Black Chimnea

For just £119, you will be able to get a very attractive two in one deal. A chiminea that will make a perfect addition to a patio and will give the perfect heat from a corner. You can also simply pull up the chimney and make it becoming a cooking grill. So, is anyone looking for barbecue this evening?

  1. Gobi Bio-Ethanol Fireplace

If you’re looking for a rather more stylish glass all around and perfectly presentable fireplace, then this can be a perfect choice because Bio-ethanol fuel is used in this fireplace and it is totally eco-friendly. The glass used for its entire body is reinforced so you don’t have to get worried about the fire escaping or it getting cracked easily.

  1. Malmo Chimnea Patio Heater with Log Store

Malmo comes forward in providing bigger, sleek, stylish and totally working units. Their fireplaces are made with a very high quality temperature, powder coated steel and are covered with a nice matte paint that is also temperature resistant. It is one of few patio heaters that can be perfectly fit in almost any place.

  1. Electric Parasol Heater

Parasol sheet with the heaters can come in handy in the cold winter season, however you can switch off the heater and use it as an umbrella. This umbrella can be used in the winter season with the heaters on to create a nice zone of heated area and the long cable alongside it can help you relocate this luxury patio heater anywhere.

  1. Rattan Tabletop Heater

Just when the table is empty and you would like to put a nice addition to it. The Rattan Tabletop heater can definitely do the job. It is designed in a way that it can easily sit on any table top and the base can easily fit into the rest of the furniture of your backyard,

  1. Dancook Firepit

This firepit actually looks like a barbecue grill but is made from the finest stainless steel and lightweight aluminum, that gives it a very tough look from the outside. Its lid can actually be used as a storage container and is usually sold separately. As it revolves it enables you cook things evenly from all sides as well.

  1. Gardeco Ellipse Medium Chimenea

This patio helps the roaring flames to calm down and give the medium and smoother heating effect. The round shape actually helps the flames to be kept inside and also make it one of the easiest chimeneas around to light and make operational.

  1. Firefly 1.5kW Ceiling Mounted Infrared Patio Heater

Last but not least comes the finest and most delicately designed patio heater of the list. The perfectly carved in the middle halogen heating element has the ability to emit heat upto 5,000 hours. That actually saves all of the hard work and can make you enjoy your drink in the backyard all year.


All of the Outdoor heaters mentioned in this list are different from one another and are all chosen carefully. These heaters have different purposes and can be allocated in different spaces. It all depends on how much amount of heat you would like to be emitted from them and where you expect to light a fireplace. The size of the backyard and its plan can also be a deciding factor. There are also a few fireplaces mentioned in the list that will require further installation so choose only the one you can afford having and can easily maintain.