Top 10 Mist Fans

Top 10 Misting Fans


No matter where and when or how, when it gets hot you need something to calm the temperature down. Since, summer is just around the corner for that there is a need of multiple electronics to beat it because not everyone can stay in the pool full of water all the time. To serve such purpose, the misting fans have always been there. It can be a perfect mate to have on a hot summer day. Best part about these fans is that they blow a very flowing layer of water into the air as the water evaporates it takes the heat away with it making it a perfect outdoor cooling unit. So carefully a list of top 10 misting fans has been compiled that you can use for all crowded events like barbecues and parties.

  1. Cool-Off Misting Fan

It all starts with an 18 inches truly made for the outdoor use misting fan. This fan is an all in one because it is waterproof and is also resistant to the rust and UV rays. The entire unit comes with 6 inches inline Hexaphosphate filter that keep the air at its extreme and also keep it clean for the continuous use.

  1. Luma Comfort MF18W

The famous Luma Comfort tries to make its way in almost every product when it comes to bringing down the temperature. Their MF18W is definitely a treat for the money as the large tank on the bottom that happens to be attached with wheels for ease of access and re-positioning, can easily make a 1,000 square feet area filled with mist. The motor is totally encapsulated but it gets loud when you’re running the fan on high speed.

  1. Holmes HPF1010A-NM

With its weather resistant coating and ability to cover a wide area, Holmes’s HFP1010A-NM can give you another very good decision as far as the price is concerned. It is a perfect choice if you want to host a summer gathering in your backyard as its misting kit is attached to a standard spigot and the fan can be positioned anywhere. The only con you’re going to face is that its nozzles get clogged very quickly.

  1. Arctic Cove MBF018

            If you’re going out for camping or climbing up for the hiking trips and would like some fresh air, then MBF018 gives you the flexibility to use various water sources. It has good air speeds and can be powered by different battery types. The compact dual foot design allows it to fit any garden hose or a bucket. Sometimes the water pump that is integrated in the body might get louder than expected.

  1. Soleus Air Humidibreeze

One of the sleekest and attractive misting fans on the list, with a four-litre water tank of its own this misting fan has got a centrifugal disk that prevents the clogging at its best and also makes sure that the water buildup is as less as possible near the fan. With a very compact and user friendly design you can carry this one anywhere so portability is definitely a plus point. The only problem is that it lacks the speed settings.

  1. Windchiller Water Mister

One of few misting fans on the list that provide long battery life with the coolest misting effect. It has a stainless nozzle and is perfect for the travelers. A handheld misting option is totally portable and features the blades that are totally childproof and are made of thin bendable plastic. It weighs only 12.8 ounces so you can’t get tired of carrying it for a longer period of time.

  1. Lasko 7050 Misto Outdoor

Lasko 7050’s design looks a little futuristic. But it is simple and is entirely tool-free setup. It also resists the UV radiation so getting hot is not an options for it. What makes it the best is that it keeps the mosquitos away as well and has the ability to bring down the temperature as low as 25 degrees Fahrenheit.

  1. OPolar Outdoor Fan

This outdoor fan should be a choice because it takes very little power to give the misty air all over the place. Also the interchangeability it provides that allows the user to make it a fan and mist separately. It can also be clipped to a desk so you can actually take it to your office on a hot day. OPolar’s fan can also be charged with a USB cable and has a built in 2,200 mAh rechargeable battery.

  1. Luma Comfort MF26B

The centrifugal misting system, with a very large 26-inch fan head and integrated rolling casters, Luma Comfort’s MF26B is a perfect fan that can be used for the commercial and agricultural and industrial applications. The design is totally forged in a way that it can take all of the hardships of weather and other problems like corrosion.

  1. SPT SF-1666M

SPT SF-1666M tops our list for the top 10 misting fans, it is very easy to assemble and anyone with no previous knowledge about fans can fix it. Its brass material totally resists the rust and corrosion. It can also be used as an indoor fan and is totally portable with the weight of 20.5 pounds. This model can also be set to oscillate so that it reaches every spot of the room.


All of these fans concentrate on bringing the heat down and making the environment get favorable enough to breathe in but not all of them are suitable for buying as different can be useful in different conditions and with the diversity in their designs they can become handy in different situations. So choose the one that fits your requirement the most and that goes easy on your budget as well.