top 10 cooling fans

Top 10 Cooling Fans


Remaining cool in those super-hot summer days can be exceptionally troublesome, and you can’t just straight ahead go for the air conditioner because they can cost you a little fortune to work all through the mid-year. Luckily, there is an answer – cooling tower fans have turned out to be exceptionally prominent as they are versatile, smaller, lightweight and sufficiently intense to actually bring down the temperature of any place they are switched on. So here’s the rundown on the list of the top 10 cooling fans that are going to be a treat for summer.

  1. RED5 LED Clock Fan

This two-in-one fan is rather a fun to have shining on the table top. It serves two purposes and that is telling you the time and also giving you the air coming like it does from a proper fan. It can also be powered by the USB so that’s the plus point. Once it is, the blades start rotating and the time appears. It is available for just £13 in the market.

  1. Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower

Although this one from Dyson costs a fortune, and to be honest a portable air conditioner can be bought cheaper than this but you won’t be able to find an elegant and cutting edge design with a very quiet sound. This fan is totally blade-free and has the ability to capture almost all of the harmful particles. With a remote control it will cost you £449, but it is definitely a treat for the money.

  1. Stadler Form Charly Floor Fan

If you’re looking for a very elegantly designed floor fan, then this is what you should be going for. It looks more contemporary and also gives perfect air as a fan by being totally polite and quiet. Also the automatic oscillatory feature makes it one of the widely used floor cooling fans of our list.

  1. Halfords Simple Motorised Handheld Fan

One of the tiniest and most portable handheld fans you’re going to find is this one. It can totally come in handy because it easily fits your bag. By being powered by just two AA batteries it gives the best result as it lasts for five to six hours. So definitely something, you must add into the picnic bags, when going out in summers.

  1. Challenge Chrome High Velocity Tilting Fan

It is one of a few fans which you can buy at the market, come back home put their plug and switch them on without wasting any more time on the setup. Its tilting mechanism with three other settings make it a very good deal for the money. The power this fan has got is way more than that is expected.


  1. Dimplex DXMBCF

One number 5 for our list comes the sleek and stylish right from the future, tall black towered fan is what can be placed anywhere in a room. It makes the room get filled with air because of its oscillation feature. With a remote control and an LED on top, operating this fan can get very easy and efficient.

  1. NSA’UK Mini Tower Fan

This mini tower fan looks like a portable air conditioner. But is very smart when it comes to occupying space. With the light weight it can be easily placed anywhere and the re-positioning truly is a plus point. It also makes minimum noise while operating and can be set on a timer for automatic turn on and turn off time. However, the design isn’t something you’ll be looking for.

  1. Judge Three Speed Pedestal Fan

Now just in case you want to go for the traditional pedestal cooling fans then this piece of three speed fan with a reinforced and good quality material can do the job just fine. Best thing is the price it is sold for and the durability that is not going to last only for this summer but the upcoming summer as well.

  1. Swan Desk Fan

Swan knows how to design the fans for desks, and that is for sure. This retro-look stylish fan is going to come in multiple other colors that can make your table get complete. It is also available as a pedestal fan. The on board three speed settings are going to allow you to adjust the speed just the way you want.

  1. Dyson Pure Hot + Cold Link

The table is topped by Dyson’s bladeless beauty. It provides the air way smoother than any other fan in this list and has a total of 10 different fan speeds to choose from. It also has the ability to clean the air and keep you safe from all of the pollutants and other allergens. Best part is, it is not just a cooling fan it is also going to give you an intense amount of heat in winters.


No matter which fan you want to go for, you must always be aware of your needs and the purpose. The purpose can be either looking for a fan that can be repositioned or it can be for having a strong unit sitting at one place and throwing a powerful layer of air. But once again it all depends on what you’re looking for once you know it, any of the fan in this list will be able to give you the best service.